Positivity Reinvents Us: 500 Miles

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travelcarOne of the songs that stuck to me most closely as a child was 500 miles. I may have learned it at summer camp, but the gist of it is a journey song that takes the singer hundreds of miles from his home. Three times up and down 20,000 feet and I am hundreds of- thousands even, miles away from home. I have never been to Vermont and it as beautiful, even in the dark as I have heard.

It is compared to Eugene in the Northwest and actually feels a lot like home. Tomorrow I will go meet a potential partner and friend for the business I have been growing for a long time alone.  It will require that I go far beyond the way I have operated for these many years.  It will be at once a step deeper and a letting go.  It will be a test of my real will to serve the work that has sustained my passion for years.

All our journeys require us to extend our parameters of home- and deepest of all is the way we evolve into meetings that are given to us to change us. I imagine this is the premise of the teacher that is eastern thought. I am ready to learn more and get a glimmer of what I have already heard spoken of as the wisdom of maturity.

It starts with a true willingness to let things be what they are and a simple prayer to want to see it truly. This is maybe the same prayer as being an instrument of peace. At least I hope I can practice being slow of tongue in favor of deeply listening.

Source:Positivity Reinvents Us: 500 Miles

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